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[tsigetarts]   We are an international transition management, corporate renewal and equity capital investing firm. We are Money Managers, Investors, Turnaround Operating Managers, specializing in deal flow, renewal, transition into new market segments, and valuation enhancement. We purchase companies for our own portfolio, and are raising an equity fund to increase leverage. We provide Transition Leadership for companies to shift between commercial, international and federal government markets. We focus on Value Creation, Asset Recovery and Revenue Generation. We prepare companies to 'Cash Out' at maximum valuation.

SMP has been TWICE named among the 'Top 12 Outstanding Turnaround Management Firms' by Turnarounds & Workouts Magazine.   Our principal has been honored by the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) as a recipient of their [TMA] award for Outstanding Contribution to the Corporate Renewal Profession.   He has also been honored by Southern Illinois University (SIU) by being inducted into the SIU Alumni Hall Of Fame.   For an overview of the firm, our successes, our credentials, how we can help you, we encourage you to look further.  

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John M. Collard, Chairman, CTP
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
522 Horn Point Drive
Annapolis, Maryland [MD] 21403
Voice 410-263-9100 Facsimile 410-263-6094 E-Mail
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