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[IMAGE] Buy, Acquire, Purchase & Invest -- Strategic Management Partners has substantial experience advising corporations and individuals on the strategic and mechanical issues of corporate development. Our senior professionals have been involved with a number of assignments representing both sellers and buyers in a confidential manner. Our principal has been involved in over 40 transactions, including 26 acquisitions, 4 start-ups via purchase, 10 divestitures and two IPO's worth over $730M Sales Revenue or Leased Asset Valuation, and over $500M in transaction value at the time of transaction.

We are now purchasing control of companies, divested divisions or subsidiaries, or underperforming assets for our own portfolio. We look at companies where management and marketing expertise, coupled with capital can make a difference and produce returns. Most assignments will have acquisition values ranging from $5M to $50M.

We are targeting sectors with attractive potential for growth and high returns: telecommunications, light industrial manufacturing, natural resource-related companies, distribution, financial services and consumer products and services. Opportunities outside these areas that offer extraordinary returns will be considered selectively.

We invest primarily in equity or equity-like instruments of private or privatizing [public that can be taken private] enterprises. The size of an investment in a particular enterprise will range from $5 to $15M. When desirable it will lead syndication of up to $50 million and seek co-investment or participation by strategic investing partners. We invest and apply funds to the buyout, modernization or expansion of the enterprise. Sorry, we don't pay for old debt.

We are active investors and only invest where we have control of the operations and ownership of the company. Our equity investment returns will be based on the strategic, transition, renewal, management, marketing, and value creation techniques which we bring to the transaction. Building going concern value is the new basis on which we will realize the amount of these returns.

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Contact JC @ 410-263-9100

[Marble]   Acquisition Criteria

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Shortage of Capital -- We invest and take a controlling interest in the company. The fresh capital will not be used to pay down existing debt or for repair of past sins. New capital needs should be to fund market expansion, open distribution channels, provide market awareness, improve production capacity and capability, and improve working capital.

In Need of Focus and Strategy -- We look for companies that have lost their focus or are too diversified. We specialize in taking Federal Government contractors into Commercial and International markets. This conversion can be an opportunity based on new direction and management for the company. We rely on our strategic thinking and direction to make a difference in the investment return.

In Need of Marketing and Sales -- We look for companies that have been entrepreneurial oriented and lack the sales and distribution discipline. We rely on our strong ability to sell and distribute products and services into new markets to rejuvenate company growth and resulting returns.

In Need of Management Expertise -- We look for companies who may need new management discipline to put the plan and operation on the right track. Our strong management capabilities allow us to achieve unique returns on our investments, and some interesting success stories.

In Need of Permanent Management Team -- We look for companies who need a permanent management team in place to create stakeholder value. We build strong management teams within the company who can run the operation at expected cash and profit levels, with minimum supervision from outside sources. This is what we believe creates going concern value.

Underperforming Assets -- We look for companies that are not performing at their potential. Companies that can be turned in new directions, which will then drive profits and cash flow returns of high expectations. We want our strategic, management, and marketing skills to be the base on which high ROI is based.

Fair Valuation -- We look for companies that are realistically valued by their owners. When they are not performing at their potential, their value should reflect this. Companies and management teams that can drive profits and cash flow will produce the high return expectations that we demand. We want our strategic, management, and marketing skills to be the catalyst on which future value creation is based.

Contact us to discuss how your company fits within these investment criteria, and to explore acquisition possibilities. If you have an opportunity that qualifies, submit the business plan, recent financial history, and your expectations for confidential consideration. Please, only serious sellers. Principals only.

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John M. Collard, Chairman
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
Attention: Acquisition Candidate
522 Horn Point Drive
Annapolis, Maryland [MD] 21403
Voice 410-263-9100 Facsimile 410-263-6094 E-Mail

We purchase companies for our own portfolio, please contact us at 410-263-9100 [Telephone]

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We welcome constructive inquires, please send via E-Mail to:   Strategist. [Mailbox]


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