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[News]   "Media Quotations" -- Our principal, Mr. John M. Collard, an accomplished turnaround professional, advisor and equity capital investor; is often consulted for expert opinion; is a frequent speaker, and has published many articles on the topics; Owner and Director Risk, Early Warning Signs Pinpoint Trouble, The SMP Approach, Defense Conversion (From Federal to/from Commercial or International), Conversion from Captive Customer to Market Economy, Strategic Repositioning, Mission Statement and Focus, Changing Leadership Style, New Business Development, Engaging a Corporate Renewal Professional Advisor, Prepare Your Company To 'Cash Out' at Maximum Valuation and Corporate Renewal.

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The Wall Street Journal
All The Wrong Moves. A Look at Some Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Lived to Regret. An SMP Case Study What You Do vs. What You Do Well, May '95
Baltimore Magazine
just call him Chainsaw John. Steering the Right Course, Dec '98
Washington Post
Take Charge Temps. Interim Executives Hired as Rent-a-Bosses, Dec '90
Baltimore Sun
The failure of Network Technologies Group, Inc., a series of stories, Jul-Aug 2002
Fells Point telecom firm folds amid phony invoices. Interim CEO discovered inflated bookkeeping.
NTG says it's being probed by Md., U.S.
Baltimore Business Journal
The failure of Network Technologies Group, Inc., a series of stories, Jul-Aug 2002
Tech community hit hard bt NTG failure
CEO: NTG insolvent last year. investors not told of money woes
NTG exec: It was 'Catch-22' CFO denies any role in tech firm's unraveling
Baltimore Sun
The Second Chance Man. Strategist Helps Failing Businesses, A Feature about Mr. Collard and his Turnarounds, July '94
Turnarounds & Workouts Magazine
SMP Among the Best! AGAIN! -- SMP Named as One of the Top Twelve Outstanding Turnaround Management Firms of 1995 -- For its work Raising $80 million privatization fund; and for developing a course for the World Bank to teach turnaround management and venture investing techniques in Russia, Central Europe and China
SMP Rounds Out Twelve of the Best -- SMP Named as One of the Top Twelve Outstanding Turnaround Firms of 1993 -- For its work in Defense Conversion and transition into new market segments
Successful Restructurings
Turnaround Corner: Inside the Country's Top Turnaround Firms, John Collard On: How To Restructure A Defense Contractor, Apr '94
Bankruptcy Court Decisions
International Insolvency, John Collard On: Obstacles to Doing Business in Russia, Dec '96
Commercial Loan Monitor
Working With Turnaround Professionals, An Interview With John M. Collard, Feb '95
Baltimore Business Journal - International
How It's Done. Annapolis Executive invests worldwide, Jul '96
Warfield's Business Record
Annapolis Management Firm Working to Keep Maryland Manufacturers Healthy, Jul '92
WBR Talks With Strategic Management Partners, Inc., Jan '93
Maryland Profiles
Profile of a Turnaround Specialist, Jan '94
Printing Impressions - Top Management News
Sowers Printing Prepares for Digital Growth and Transition, Jun '97
Lebanon Daily News
Crossroads, Printer hires practitioner to lead major transition, Mar '97
Printing firm turns corner; Orders set record for Sowers, Jul '97

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Your Company
International Treasurer Magazine
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Russia and Commonwealth Business
Business Strategy Magazine
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Journal of Business Strategy
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New York Law Journal
Best's Review
Institutional Investor
Business Central Europe
Baltimore and Washington Business Journals
Warfield's Business Record and The Daily Record
Small Business News Cleveland
Central Pennsylvania Business Journal
Commercial Lending Newsletter
Bankruptcy Court Decisions
Journal of Business Strategy
Research Recommendations
Turnarounds & Workouts Magazine and Survey
Consultants News
How to develop a software business -- Software Publishers Association
Soundings Trade Only
A Primer for Corporate Renewal
Capital Gazette
The Directory of Certified Turnaround Professionals
Others not listed

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John M. Collard, Chairman, CTP
Strategic Management Partners, Inc.
522 Horn Point Drive
Annapolis, Maryland [MD] 21403
Voice 410-263-9100 Facsimile 410-263-6094 E-Mail
About the Principal

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